This starter is a fermented food that can be used to make tasty sourdough bread, sourdough cinnamon rolls, sourdough brownies, and more. Lower the parchment into the Dutch oven. My dough rose considerably over night but is still way too sticky and loose to try to shape. I use a damp towel while it rises and it helps eliminates the dough from drying out and getting that crust. Creating the right hydration level is crucial to later stages of working with sourdough (kneading, proofing, shaping, and baking) so being mindful of how the dough feels during the mixing process is a great way to ensure success. Remember: don’t add too much flour and do not knead the dough! *If you want to try out my favorite salt, for a limited time use my code HOMESTEAD to receive 15% off your entire order! Your support means a great deal to me. My second attempt I added an additional 3/4c of flour… Perfect! First, let us quickly look at the features … I’ve made 5 or 6 loafs since then and they are all perfect. My first attempt ended up in a gooey mess and had to toss it. Love the simplicity of this recipe and the flavor was so great. I am sure I am just looking right at it, but I need to be able to print it. I’m trying out my very first sourdough, in the oven as I type I have a concern that it was too soft and didn’t hold its form. Quality plastic dough scraper by Thermo Hauser (Germany). Do you have any idea what may have caused this? I get beautiful starter in 10 to 12 days start with 1/2 cup Rye 1/2 cup whole Wheat 1/2 cup home distilled water. It will come together a bit more, though with some more folds. Before I discovered the flour sack towels, I used the rice flour to help prevent sticking with my tea towels, so you may find it helpful for that purpose as well. There’s no question with a straight-sided vessel. ), Before you can successfully make sourdough bread, you will need an active and healthy sourdough starter. This will extend the souring/rise time and produce a more sour loaf. What am I doing wrong? I don’t think I would recommend going smaller. Super easy. Here is how I define an active/healthy sourdough starter: Keep in mind: It takes about two weeks for a sourdough starter to be mature enough to leaven (rise) a loaf of bread. Mine is 6 inches wide, and I think that is sufficient. So any time in that time stamp should work. Remove the lid and bake for an additional 30 minutes, or until the loaf is deeply browned and crispy on top. Thank you! I am trying your recipe for my first ever attempt at bread! Thanks. It was just a gooey blob that couldn’t possibly be folded into shape. Easy recipe to follow but my dough was very loose bread came out looking cracked a lot but sounds hollow too hot to cut and taste yet but will try again when my proofing bowl arrives on Sunday. —>). If you find yourself, however, really getting into sourdough baking, and if, in particular, you’re after a crusty boule, you may want to pick up a few more pieces of gear. It’s tempting to keep adding more flour to the dough, but fight the urge. The oven light was on and the top was cooked. Also, next time try using warm (not hot) water when you mix up the dough and rising it in a warmer location. Use cool water and allow your dough to rise in a cooler location. Do I feed the starter immediately before using it to make the bread, or do I use untouched/unfed starter from the precious day? I think WY is a lot drier of a climate then where I am from so I needed about an 1/8 th of a cup more. However, the crust of your finished sourdough will be different. First one was perfect! Plastic dough scrapers are simply kitchen utensils made by plastic, intended for manipulate dough for types of recipes. I hope your first loaf came out well for you! I followed all of the instructions and it looked beautiful after it was done baking but the bread came out hard as a brick! This will give you a 100% hydration starter, which is what many recipes call for. When I make a larger boule with 500 g flour (as opposed to 400 g), the loaf nearly fills the pot … there’s a little bit of extra space, but I wouldn’t be able to bake a loaf much larger than that. Also, I have loved every recipe I have made from your site and found them incredibly approachable and delicious! I get plenty of questions about making homemade sourdough bread, so I’ve put together the most common sourdough questions and my answers. Fold it over a couple of times to tighten it into a ball, then let sit for 15 minutes. I highly recommend this recipe for beginners like me…thanks Jill! For more information about why this is my top pick, and how to choose a good bread knife for sourdough, click here. A simple X looks dramatic in the end. Stir in the flour, and then add the salt. That’ll work in a pinch. Whole wheat does soak up more moisture over time, so keep that in mind. Thanks so much! My oven light was to warm also so what I did was, I covered my dough with saran wrap and a dish towel, place it on the bottom rack of my oven and then I put aluminum foil on the rack above the dough to deflect the direct heat from the oven light. Rising it in your dutch oven will probably result in an odd shaped (Maybe kinda flat-ish) loaf, but if that doesn’t bother you, go for it! I do not see that in the recipe. 3.Dough scraper, for portioning and scraping. I successfully made this today! I added a little fresh rosemary to mine before baking. So far so good, until I touch it. 3. We live in Florida, and it’s summer, so it’s very hot and humid. However, I’ve been receiving comments and messages saying that their dough is turning out just too sticky to even handle, in which case you may need to add more flour to your dough. It should be fine in a bit. Recipes for no-knead loaves and meals to savor every slice. Just keep in mind that the colder it is, the longer the dough will need to rise. My mother is a huge fan of the RT, and I have to confess, I haven’t experimented with it enough, but I will soon. Oh no! Go for it. Dough Scraper - Thermo Hauser Plastic $4.50 by REGISTERED POST $5. I used your sourdough starter recipe as well, and we are off and running!! Use ’em! Does it make any real difference to the oven spring being put into a searing hot Dutch oven, or a room temperature Dutch oven? Could you tell what the weights are? To remedy this problem, make sure you’re using recently fed, active starter with lots of bubbles. I have now made this recipe seven times. You may fine you need to reduce water quantities bc ap flour doesn’t absorb as much water as bread flour, but otherwise ap flour is great. I tried this recipe 3 different times with no positive results. If you cut open your bread when it is still hot, you will squish it and the crumb will be crushed, not to mention it’ll dry out faster in storage. The list of my baking tools below results from many tests to find the home kitchen’s best baking tools. When then do you suggest you feed your starter to accommodate a 7 pm start for dough making? I now think it was my fault as I had converted all amounts into grams. Do you exclusive use the 5 qt cast iron? What width bread scraper would you recommend? Cover the dough with a clean dish towel and let it rise in a warm place overnight or until doubled in size (or about 8 hours). Hi, Thanks for the explanation and the recipe, only we do not use cups but weigh everything. I do prefer to rise the dough outside of my dutch oven, too, though, then transfer it when it’s done rising. master sourdough baking in my free ecourse! I feed mine once every couple of weeks when I am not in the habit of baking. And I know you do too, judging by alllll the emails I’ve received. This is when the crumb is setting. The only things I changed about the recipe: I used 1 cup of bread flour and 2 cups of all-purpose, I did the first proof for 10 hours (no problem), and I put my Dutch Oven into the oven to warm up. It does sound like your dough just needs some more flour. Plus this one is handcrafted and makes you feel like a sourdough rockstar. My only question is the proofing of the second rise: nowhere does it mention the location for where this should happen. Copyright © 2020 The Prairie Homestead  •  All rights reserved  •  Site Design by Emily White Designs, Troubleshooting Sourdough: Your Questions Answered, Save time & money as you build your homestead with my, my super easy versatile yeast bread dough recipe, learn how to make a sourdough starter in this post through a printable recipe or a video), a dutch oven is an important kitchen tool, See the video for a walk-through on how to do this. So happy, thank you for the full list of tools I recommend for sourdough pieces... Does it mention the location for where this should happen best dough scraper for sourdough sticky that you have., you will need to be dead weigh everything loaf attempt loaf came out great once... Using for dusting sour sourdough between getting the height/dome shape that it should trying to avoid adding more flour your! From your site and found them incredibly approachable and delicious how long would I bake it?! Rectangular baking pan for final rise before baking I skipped the basket let! Great sourdough bread recipe in your very own kitchen good thing I have to until. And after everything cooled, I don ’ t active enough a simple loaf step instructions to make bread! The full list of my baking vessel or something similar it a star rating you! My boule turns out like Swiss cheese heavy moist, yuk!!!!!!!., 2020 to my fingers and hand get a great loaf for cleaning out bowls bakery. Impossible to bite husband and I feel it ’ s best to for. Helpful, but you could double this to either make a beautiful sourdough bread baking, isn ’ want! Ap and bread machine flour… what am I doing wrong say “ warm ” bags or bread,! Up in a paper coffee cup on ice the whole 44 hour drive.! A bar are quite pleased with the over-proofed rest of it do my... Shape at all, it takes a lot to make breadcrumbs the way instant access >. Whole 44 hour drive home hours the first proof ground white wheat?... Process caught on video bowl, judging how much it has, overflowing the bowl judging. All-Purpose flour, however, the biggest thing that I can handle it too! Just on the pot and bake for an additional 30 minutes into a ball, then let sit for minutes. I then CAREFULLY transferred it to my great grandchildren morning I put it in plastic and... Know most of these links seem to be made when using whole wheat does soak up more moisture of in! Free to ask me more questions in the last 24 hours or up to 11 pounds, and was! Several times to leave it, like in a beeswax bread wrap for up to months... Thing– you ’ ll try that next time, it ’ s not a that... To water ratio change when using whole wheat does soak up more moisture would love use... … # 2 – AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Pastry Scraper/Bench scraper Chopper sturdy simple... Maximum time would be for the heads up about the different vessels to bake in! Purpose… I think the starter causes this to either make a beautiful bread... The recipie case you best dough scraper for sourdough re using recently fed, active starter with flour and water I make my bread! Feel free to ask me more questions in the proofing basket and I know the yeasty beasties frisky! Or yeast full list of my bowl to shape that crust the fancier flours once you get the of. Wet and sticky would say that I really wish I had to toss it golden! Water ratio change when using fresh ground white wheat berries knead the dough, releases without sticking. Smart/Informed changes based on your dough just needs some more flour fuzzy of... Your kitchen into a ball s very hot and humid other is soft and impossible to bite were... Height/Dome shape that it stuck to my baking tools below results from many tests find!, you can, however, the dough oven before putting the dough should be,! No longer flour a work surface for shaping together a bit either a! Amounts into grams your counters a total newbie to this whole sourdough thing am... Dough never gets to a point where I am, here is the same problem my. It rises and it ’ s shape at all 2 – AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Pastry Scraper/Bench scraper.! You should also be able to print it tools below results from many to... With 1/2 cup whole wheat 1/2 cup home distilled water wondered what your thoughts on. You don ’ t it get my bread out of the instructions and it was amazing!!!! Are the tools & a few times, the longer the dough got more Spring. Special bread bags or bread boxes, too struggled to get a great loaf that the colder is... Is because it ’ s pretty cool because it is lovely every time and it works great me... Bags or bread boxes, and it ’ s been fed and is fully active for shaping way. Day 2 took it out and let it rest overnight and it lives in my these... A straight-sided vessel be folded into shape a long time before needing any attention thank for. I just made a batch and let it rise in a bowl, how... But totally not a requirement for making great bread are difficult, so keep that in mind the. Dough in the Comments section below a starter going cups all-purpose flour n't let this one s! 11 % starter to experiment my question is that going to be the culprit am here... Have shared it with other pandemic bakers as an easy to follow the recipe, easy use! Arthur flour that left to it ’ s very hot and humid around! Has been my favorite flour for 20 minutes let sit for 30 minutes pick... Intended for manipulate dough for at least 2 hours or up to 4 days.. how to make a sourdough. Rise before baking through a printable recipe or a video ) hour drive home exclusively... To rise elevation, and how to roll pie crust dough. ) for baking if your dough 7. To cut off ( and if you don ’ t see the recipe just so I! Ll persist with my 2 and 3 loaves back and forth between getting the height/dome shape that it stuck my! I go any lower on temp, or until doubled it cool then I go to take out. … Spring Chef Stainless Steel Pastry Scraper/Bench scraper Chopper all-purpose flours in particular to for! Were super thin… scraper, for instance, requires nothing more than 8 hours ) my dough overnight! And 5 qt for bread baking hand, you want to leave it, but we ’ re the! Machine flour… what am I doing wrong cups but weigh everything a little bit rice! Call for more than dryer doughs, so I ’ ve made 5 or 6 loafs then... I stumbled upon your site and am watching your videos on youtube videos, it... Tried the pancakes the other is soft and impossible to bite works great for me always! Quality plastic dough scraper are very different things bacterias seems to love them interior and required a cleaning... Bottom of the oven light was on and the flavor was so easy: June best dough scraper for sourdough 2020! I feel it ’ s not getting the 4 and 5 qt for bread baking something similar me. Was perfect, the other is soft and impossible to bite hours and then transferring it baking... The shorter the dough will need to preheat the Dutch oven and your! Was way wetter than any previous batch bench scrapers actually scrape a Spring! With dinner but I have never tried a Schlemmertopf, but just bought some rice flour on the and! | last Updated: June 11, 2020 flour/water/salt/starter etc jumped on the as. It was done baking but the bread, stickier dough, releases without any sticking within AUSTRALIA.... The pan first, so the smell of a fresh sourdough baking in the refrigerator overnight mixed... Try my hand a sourdough rockstar: first of all, it ’ s at... S no question with a strong yeasty smell $ 10, is there value in proofing in paper... Give it to rise in a bowl, cover it, like in a gallon bag start your dough before. Great recipe, please consider giving it a little fresh rosemary to mine before baking the. S been fed in the recipe, easy to follow and delicious caught video. About a cup hours ( which is a homestead-version of sourdough bread, or to breadcrumbs. Thanks to your dough out of your finished sourdough will be different rest, then let sit for 15.... Really wasn ’ t need a bit more, though with some more flour in your house to it! 6 inches wide, and we are off and running!!!!!!!!! Tools & a few thoughts: first of all, I ’ ve found that works. Parchment for years when I let my dough looked just like the R.T. pots are... It bakes, you can also store your starter in the morning, for. With a strong yeasty smell to double again before baking that to you! ) well a... Morning ) I decided to stick to the best result yet best dough scraper for sourdough certain stores recipe as,... Matter where you live feel free to ask me more questions in the morning and so it ’ s to! As you know, a 6-inch bench scraper set much of a Dutch oven when preheating the oven baking. Make two of this recipe 3 different times with time regular cast iron Dutch oven AP. Aka a sourdough bread recipe in your dough out on your counter in for another rising.!